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About HelpHound

HelpHound was founded in 2006. Since then we have built up a wealth of experience in managing consumer reviews and online interaction between consumers and businesses of all kinds.

Our core product, Dialogue™, is now used by businesses in all sectors to effectively manage their online reputations and to ensure that consumers gain a fair impression of their business all over the web.

Without the understanding of consumer behaviour gained by running our sister site - helphound.com - Dialogue™ would be a pale imitation of its present self. Constant interaction with both consumers and client businesses has enabled us to refine Dialogue™ and to add a range of services from Dynamic Display™ which shows live reviews on your website, to Feedback Manager™ which provides a valuable CRM resource for all kinds of clients, especially those where staff and management are not desk-based.

We pride ourselves on delivering a service tailored to each and every client's specific needs, both practically and visually, within an affordable budget for businesses whatever their size and business model.

At the end of the day, while HelpHound and Dialogue are all about effective business/consumer interaction we never lose sight of the ultimate aim - that your business must prosper in the long run if it is to continue to deliver value to the consumer.

Any business, whether in the private or public sector, can only benefit from enhanced customer relations and we look forward to showing you just how much value Dialogue can add to yours.

In the first instance please contact Karen Hutchings, our head of client services.

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