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Here are some comments about Dialogue™ from clients:

"Nowadays consumers are getting more sceptical about the reliability of online anonymous reviews; using HelpHound's services guarantees that reviews will be 100% real and credible in the eyes of our potential guests, therefore prompting them to book directly with us. Since we started using HelpHound's Dialogue we have seen a measurable increase in positive reviews to TripAdvisor coming from satisfied guests. HelpHound also provides valuable feedback that helps our business gain powerful insights in order to accommodate our clients with the highest possible standards at the Strand Palace Hotel."

Jorge Rodríguez, E-Marketing Manager, Strand Palace Hotel

"HelpHound's Dialogue service has given us an effective way to capture customer feedback in a professional and organised fashion. HelpHound worked closely with us to design a bespoke system that worked for us as a business. The HelpHound service now allows us to measure the volume and quality of reviews at a top level and down to the individual negotiator. The level of support along the way has been fantastic."

Claire-Louise Taylor, Head of Marketing, Greene & Co. and Urban Spaces

"I am confident that partnering with HelpHound has been instrumental in helping us to secure business against our competitors. I embrace the philosophy of independent client reviews and understand how they benefit customers and businesses. There's a natural scepticism about testimonials, and our clients are reassured that the reviews they read on our website are real, written by real people. Working with HelpHound also enables us to integrate reviews to suit how we want them presented on our website, in a way that's uncluttered, simple, straightforward and easy for potential clients to see, and existing clients to submit feedback."

Duncan Pate, MD, Castles Estate Agents

"Since using HelpHound's Dialogue service we've seen a sharp increase in positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Booking.com. Guests tell us that they refer to these and our website before deciding to stay with us, and we're getting more direct bookings as a result. Consumers are getting savvy about the credibility of anonymous reviews, so highlighting verified, trustworthy reviews on our own site is crucial - it really can make the difference between a guest choosing to stay with us or at another hotel. Another benefit of Dialogue is that it can alert us to complaints before they get posted online - this is extremely important for us, not only in resolving issues effectively and retaining customer loyalty, but also for minimising any negative online comments that we feel don't reflect our consistently high standards. Really grumpy people will still be grumpy and mean, and may run straight to TripAdvisor but people with realistic issues which can be resolved do like the Dialogue process and have been pleased with the outcome."

Christopher Nevile, CEO, The Lincoln Hotel

"Using HelpHound's Dialogue service has given us an edge against our competitors and differentiates our website in a very crowded marketplace. We've been getting positive buyer and vendor testimonials for a long time, and we wanted to showcase these on our website, but they needed to be credible to the consumer - to be substantiated. So we were highly receptive to HelpHound's Dialogue service. It's very important for us to get trustworthy reviews on the website, and we are confident directing people to them - they have become a real focal point. Our staff also get a real buzz when reviews appear on the site - it boosts confidence about what we do, and it's a further incentive to garner kind words and go the extra mile."

David Simpson, MD, Shepherds

"People take heed of reviews and often say that they've seen them on our website when booking a room. We've always enjoyed receiving positive reviews but I don't get complacent, and one of the really appealing things about Dialogue is the opportunity it presents to manage any negative reviews before they appear online. In opening up a dialogue with the guest, we can hopefully resolve the issue, improve our standards, and secure repeat bookings - after all, the cheapest form of advertising is when guests come back! So since partnering with HelpHound guests are more likely to communicate with us instead of automatically posting a negative review on TripAdvisor or Booking.com."

Chris Meyler, Owner, Kempfield House

"We felt it important to promote independent and moderated reviews on our website, and have the opportunity to engage with clients before the reviews are posted, so as to be able to address any issues clients raise and put things right as quickly as possible. It's important to show that we care, respond, and take action. It's lovely when people praise us but it's even more important to have a dialogue with clients. There is no doubt that this kind of service will be consumer-led - we see HelpHound as being helpful to the client and the agent."

Roger Wilkinson, MD, Wilkinson Grant

"We have always sought opinions from our customers and really value this feedback. As well as giving us a valuable insight into our business, we also use the results from this feedback in our marketing material. By involving HelpHound and Dialogue our claims are made more legitimate and the testimonials are more credible and carry more weight due to HelpHound's independent verification. It helps to differentiate us from the competition. The reviews which are shown on our website are also a great tool for the conversion of valuation to instruction as part of our overall presentation."

Joel Baseley, Director, Rampton Baseley

"Having HelpHound-verified reviews on our website means the potential to increase direct bookings, as guests are reassured that the reviews are genuine and are more likely to stay on our site rather than straying over to TripAdvisor and booking through an OTA. Adopting 'Dialogue' also opens up a conversation with our guests after they've stayed here, helping us to resolve any issues before they're posted on TripAdvisor and ultimately retaining guest loyalty and securing repeat bookings whilst protecting our reputation."

Colin Stone, General Manager, The Knight Residence

"HelpHound is a tool that is now integral to our business and allows our existing customers to openly rate our services while providing valuable feedback which we use to improve our services above and beyond that of our competitors. It has proved a very powerful tool in increasing customer engagement and time spent on our website and is now one of the most viewed pages. Using HelpHound adds credibility to the reviews and builds trust in our brand - being an award winner in Customer Service, we take customer feedback very seriously and wish to be as transparent as possible with both existing and new customers - HelpHound has helped us achieve this in a very cost effective manner. The team at HelpHound are brilliant at what they do and we would not consider anyone else!"

Jonathan Jennings, Marketing Director, David Phillips

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