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Designed to deliver enquiries and drive conversions, Dialogue™ incorporates a highly effective mechanism to gather consumer opinions along with an offline mechanism for managing negatives - called Resolution™.


Your customer is invited to post their opinion. This 'invitation' is key as it enables verification, lending the crucial ingredient: credibility. When your customer responds, our moderators either:

  • Publish the review on your website straight away - if it contains no negatives
  • Send it to you for a response - if it contains issues we know you would rather address in private

The overall effect is to enable you to:

  • Present a great credible impression of your business to potential customers
  • Retain existing customers by welcoming their feedback in a non-confrontational environment
  • Manage negatives before customers resort to posting them publicly on the web - review sites, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media

For Hotels - For Estate Agents - For Other Businesses

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Dynamic Display


Dynamic Display enables your potential customers to see verified credible opinions on your homepage and any other relevant pages of your website immediately without having to search your site further and, importantly, without leaving your site.

Feedback Manager

Our experienced CRM professionals will work with you to ensure that:

  • Positive reviews are 'thanked'
  • Negatives in Resolution™ are addressed in full
  • Correct English is used throughout

Use Feedback Manager as an extension of your own customer services function. In many businesses, the hospitality industry or estate agency for example, staff and management are away from their desks for protracted periods during the day. Feedback Manager gives you the reassurance that someone is always on hand to read and reply to your customer messages posted through Dialogue.

All our moderators are experienced CRM professionals with many years of experience in managing every kind of issue right across the spectrum of our client businesses and very high standards of written English.

Feedback Manager Plus

Feedback Manager Plus extends Feedback Manager to open external sites; we will respond on your behalf to posts.


Dynamic Display™
Feedback Manager™

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